CS-Series Aperture Card Scanners

Due to technological advances, the Wicks and Wilson CS-series aperture card scanners are no longer in production. Replacement products include:

  • C400 aperture card scanner for high-volume scanning
  • C Drive X aperture card scanner for single card scanning

If you own a CS-series aperture card scanner and are in need of technical support please click here or email support at eusupport@thecrowleycompany.com.

The CS range of aperture card scanners is designed for higher volume production scanning, with the top of the range, CS750, capable of scanning 750 cards per hour. Also available are large input hoppers, multiple output hoppers and automatic production tools to maximize throughput and productivity.

Each Scanstation is supplied with our versatile Windows-based SCANCARD software for maximum user control coupled with SMARTSCAN, our latest imaging technology designed to produce the ultimate in image quality.

DMP Module for Digital Microfilm Printing – Optional on all models
CS Series Aperture Card Scanner