Crowley MACH Mini Portable Microfilm Scanners

Production-level Scanning in a Convenient, Portable Size

The Crowley MACH Mini is a new compact production microfilm scanner with the smallest footprint in its class.

Harnessing the acclaimed scanning power of Mekel Technology MACH-series scanners, the MACH Mini provides fast, accurate microfilm capture without the physical requirements of a larger scanner.

Key Features of the Crowley MACH Mini:

  • Size. Smallest footprint in the microfilm scanner production class at 15 x 16 x 8 in. (36.9 x 40.7 x 19.7 cm)
  • Space. The stable footing and compact design allows for scanner stacking to further save space while increasing production capability
  • Production. An included external PC ensures little to no downtime due to computer malfunctions. Swap PCs, not scanners!
  • Laptop-compatible. Enhance portability even further with a dedicated laptop option.
  • Software. Crowley’s acclaimed Quantum software suite is a proven, highly effective scanning and processing platform.
  • Threading. The MACH Mini’s simple film transport path makes it easy to load all film types. The well-balanced tension system protects from the dislodging or separating of brittle microfilm sometimes caused by pinch rollers.
  • Storage. Each purchase includes 10 TB of data storage
  • Access. Scan it. Process it. Host it. Each purchase includes a free trial of Crowley’s digital IMAGEhost microfilm hosting and viewing platform.
  • Price! Scan faster; pay less

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